The Bodhi Cat

Self Kindness

Bodhi Cat

Learn to be kind to yourself first and kindness and love will be flow to others ? love and be kind to who you see in the mirror every day ?


Bodhi Cat

We rush around so much and get angry if we aren’t doing something; stop and just look at the wonderful world even just for a minute ?

Bad Meditation ?


I must admit sat here next to Buddha after a bad meditation session was kind of frustrating me, especially rerunning the session through my head. But the more I have thought about it I shouldn’t use the word “bad” , I should try and remember that there is no bad[…]

Be Mindful

Bodhi Cat

It is hard to live in the moment,not react to situations but over time mindfulness give us these rewards; sometimes we don’t notice how far we have come already ?


Bodhi Cat

Don’t let negative thoughts become a mistaken reality, live in the real moment, we are all unique and awesome ?